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August Police Report

Dave Airey has produced his Police Area report for August 2021 and is published in full under the Police Reports section on this site. Many thanks to Dave who supports our community year in year out. A small extract from Dave's report seems very timely -

"Most of the year, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day, but at this time of the year I hear that comment on a more regular basis. However, when you are out and about completing your shopping, festive or not, please be aware that there are persons who are out and about actively committing crime and exploiting any vulnerabilities in the way we go about our day to day business. Below are a few tips to consider whilst on shopping trips - When you are out shopping.

• Keep valuables in inside pockets of clothing or bags.

• Only carry the cash that you need.

• Park in an open, well-lit area. Visit for details of approved car parks.

• Avoid going back to your car to leave your shopping part way through your trip. If you have to keep items, or presents, in the car, make sure they are out of view in the boot, the car is locked and keep the receipts with you.

At cash machines.

• If you see anything suspicious, alert the bank or call the Police on 101.

• Shield the keypad when typing in your PIN at a cash machine or in a shop."

Stay Safe

Posted: Sat, 04 Sep 2021 15:37 by Pete

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