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Quarterly Newsletter

During the last quarter of 2020 the Parish Council gave approval and funding for a six-month trial period to produce a newsletter, delivered to every resident, bringing news and current events within the parishes. At that time the newsletter was the only publication in existence that provided current information to every resident of both Beckingham and Saundby. During this trial period we have seen the re-immergence of the Beckingham and Walkeringham Church Newsletter and more recently the production of the Village Hall & Playing Field Newsletter. It is great to see residents at long last having access to information on what is happening around both villages. Added to this we also have three Village Facebook pages and this month saw the launch of another form of media information in the shape of "Beckingham Neighbourhood". We also now have the new Parish Council Website giving a total of eight media outlets. Most of these newsletters and media outlets are providing the same or similar information and we feel sure that many residents will become numb with reading many things several times over. The Church newsletter makes a small charge and derives much needed income from advertising. Facebook pages, the website and Beckingham Neighbourhood are free to all. The Village Hall & Playing Field Newsletter appears to be funded by the Village Hall committee, leaving the Parish Newsletter the only one that relies on funding from residents through the precept.

After the trial period ended the Council decidded to move the Parish Newsletter to a quarterly newsletter and concentrating on providing news relative to the actions and decisions of the Parish Council. The Parish Council Website will become the main focus for current events in our two villages and will continue to be updated daily to keep residents fully informed of news and current affairs as they happen without waiting until the end of the month. By bookmarking the Parish Council website you will have easy access to all the latest news and events,

The help keep costs down on the quarterly PC newsletter please continue to subscribe to receive a digital copy—email your request to BECKINGHAMPCNEWSLETTER@GMAIL.COM